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    I just realized, duh I'm slow sometimes! You must have .77 with an 8330. Go to this link, select the software for your device and download and save to your desktop. let me know when you have done that.
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    There are a couple things for you to do as well:

    Send Service Books: Click your internet email icon (the envelope with a gear in front of it)> click service books> click send service books.

    Register Device: Click options> click advanced options> roll down and click host routing table> press your menu key> select register now> click back and close.

    You should do this everytime you upgrade your OS.
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    Ahhh, I had a blond moment!


    And am just upgrading the Desktop Manager software as I was using an old version (from device CD)
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    OK we're in business! the reason you don't have docs to go, it's on the next upgrade> the link I posted above is the one that has it. Go there and download it after you've gotten the new DM -- and save it to your computer desktop. Then let me know when you have done that. If you need Docs to Go, you will need to upgrade your OS to .77, and I will help if you'd like, to do this, I need your pin --pm it to me for privacy.
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    Welcome to CB. Enjoy your BB.
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    Hope you enjoy your new bb. Welcome.
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    Welcome to CB!! Enjoy
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    Welcome to CB.

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