1. NickfromIL's Avatar
    Hi all, I'm wanting to post a theme that I made, but have to make 10 posts first, so here I am.
    04-27-08 09:54 PM
  2. shadygrady's Avatar
    halfway there. welcome to cb!
    04-27-08 10:28 PM
  3. crackvegas78's Avatar
    Welcome to the fam. What type of theme is it?
    04-27-08 10:30 PM
  4. brothamoveson's Avatar
    Hey welcome go ahead make some more posts so that we can see the theme.
    04-27-08 10:31 PM
  5. hutch34's Avatar
    Welcome! Yeah tell us about the theme!!

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    04-27-08 10:32 PM
  6. mattburns9999's Avatar
    Welcome to cb!

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    04-27-08 10:34 PM
  7. SLVR6's Avatar
    Details? Can you tell people like many themes around here?

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    04-27-08 10:36 PM
  8. Edd_CB's Avatar
    Welcome to CB! can't wait to see your themes.
    04-27-08 10:38 PM
  9. Gypsy's Avatar
    04-27-08 10:44 PM
  10. NickfromIL's Avatar
    It is a Dimension theme, both Zen and Today versions are ready. Its called Sunset Red
    04-27-08 10:45 PM
  11. NickfromIL's Avatar
    Oh, and right now its only available for 81xx and 83xx, but the 88xx version will be ready sometime tonight I hope
    04-27-08 10:46 PM
  12. NickfromIL's Avatar
    ok, so I am just making a bogus post here to kill one
    04-27-08 10:46 PM
  13. NickfromIL's Avatar
    Oh, and thanks all for the warm welcome!!!
    04-27-08 10:47 PM
  14. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry
    04-27-08 10:49 PM
  15. Dr. Newport's Avatar
    Welcome n00b!
    04-27-08 10:53 PM
  16. NickfromIL's Avatar
    04-27-08 10:54 PM