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    new blackberry storm 9530 user. i love this phone my lady got the curve,thats a nice phone too. im currently operating the .75 op. im very pleased with it . after doing some research : why all the terrible reviews ? they almost swayed me into buying a curve ( which is a decent phone ) but i took a chance with the storm and am very happy with it. cant tell you if verizon had the new curve/javilin/niagra/bold that i would of bought one of those. i kind of glad they didn't cause i love this storm haven't put it down in 3 days now. im sure when verizon/rim put out the new op and app center it will make everything better. never used an iphone but the att service/no video rec./and no removable battery sucks. 2 of my co workers have 2 diffrent htc's but i still like the storm better. sometimes you have to review the product yourself huh ? oh well i hope they come out with some kind of music creating app .
    03-02-09 07:04 PM
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    Welcome to CB!!!! As for the bad reviews on the storm--thats just based on personal opinion. I have the bold which I do love but am excahnging for number 3 tomorrow. Doesn't change the fact that I love it. I'm just a bit of a perfectionist . My husband had the storm. He hated it but I liked it. To each his own

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    03-02-09 07:20 PM
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    Hi Van & Welcome to CrackBerry.
    03-02-09 11:11 PM