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    Hey I just got my blackberry curve and I went to move my options in the apps and I accidently hid or deleted it and I can't figure out how to get it back :/ I've tried showing all but it doesn't show up. How can I get it back? Thanks
    12-08-08 10:53 PM
  2. jenaywins's Avatar
    Menu>show all

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    12-08-08 11:21 PM
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    welcome to crackberry!!
    12-09-08 12:59 AM
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    Happy BlackBerry'ing.
    12-09-08 01:09 AM
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    You won't have been able to delete it on the curve if you were just moving the icons around, it must be hidden. Try Menu>show all as jenaywins suggested or look in some of the folders.

    Anyway welcome to CB

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    12-09-08 01:28 AM
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    Glad to see your getting tips and welcomes here at Crackberry nation. Welcome to CB!

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    12-09-08 01:32 AM
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    12-09-08 05:45 AM
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    thanks guys! i found it in my entertainment folder haha rookie mistake thanks again yall are great
    12-09-08 11:13 AM
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    12-09-08 01:27 PM
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