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    Hello guys, I'm Fabian from Germany and I'm new here. Unfortunately, there are hardly any German-speaking forums for Blackberry, so I would like to insert myself here. Please forgive my school English. I've enjoyed using Blackberry for a very long time, Curves, Bolds and all the 10 series devices. However, when the Priv came I was so disappointed that I switched to Samsung and Apple. The processing was just horrible compared to the Passport for example. However, I always wistfully thought back to Blackberry and made me try it again sometime. The Dtek devices did not appeal to me, but the current Key Series devices irritate me a lot. Unfortunately there are no test devices in Germany anymore from Blackberry so I need your decision support. I have to say visually I like the keyone best, especially the black and the bronze. And the keyone is also the cheapest. Where the price plays only a minor role. However, I'm concerned that the keyboard is a bit too small and I do not like it being shiny. And is not the processor too slow? How do you feel that? I might also miss the speed key. I do not know the use of it yet but it seems to be extremely useful? I do not like Key2 and LE visually as well as the Keyone, but the black is alright. The LE does not have a capacitive keyboard, is that missing? I really liked the Passport. Is the keyboard of the keyone actually capacitive? And what do you think about the built-in cameras? I realize that none of the three can compete with an iPhone or Galaxy, but which of the three is the best? many questions, I know, but I hope you support me.
    01-02-19 04:42 PM
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    Hi Fab,

    welcome to CB.

    About K1 Black Edition 4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage

    1. shiny, sensitive PKB (physical keyboard) and a fingerprint which is awesome fast.
    2. cam is brilliant
    3. sound is awesome
    4. Qualcomm 625 Processor of 2016 (2018 Motorola One uses also the 625 + 4 GB RAM = very fast no lags)
    5. USB-C 3.1

    CON: no Android Pie???

    A very good Smartphone but no hope to see Android 9

    About K2:

    1. Speed Key (I suggest to watch the billions of YouTube Videos)
    Speed Key is only to open your shortcuts - I rarely use shortcuts :-/ ...so I dont miss that Key.

    2. matt Keyboard

    IMHO: grab the Key2 for the full BB experience!

    ... otherwise K1 Black Edition and safe some money (Ebay 249 EUR QWERTY) - cant go wrong with that affordable price

    At least it depends on your needs which BB you choose: money, design etc.

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    01-04-19 05:50 AM
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    Why not start a German language chatroom here?
    05-10-19 11:56 PM
  4. elfabio80's Avatar
    Why not start a German language chatroom here?
    Ja Telefunken! Lol!
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    05-11-19 02:46 AM
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    Why not start a German language chatroom here?
    05-11-19 09:48 AM
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    If you are already used to android, the keyone or key2/LE will be real familiar. Android screws itself up from time to time, and factory resets resolve that, including misconfigurations (Wifi not connecting, bluetooth not pairing, phone app crashing, amongst other things).

    Apple devices get slowed down over time via software updates. Android remains it's speed regardless, plus there's a thousand repositories for more applications than just the play store (unlike apple, you're locked in theirs).

    Physical appearances shouldn't impact usability or functionality. Also, the speed key on the key2/LE can be switched to the symbol key.

    Submitted via blackberry passport on freedom mobile HSPA+ or LTE
    05-19-19 06:17 PM
  7. bakron1's Avatar
    Hello and welcome to Crackberry, welcome aboard. I was stationed in Germany way back when and have been back a couple of times since then. It’s one of my favorite countries in Europe.
    05-19-19 06:36 PM

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