04-10-08 10:08 AM
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  1. Bedrock's Avatar
    Welcome aboard...
    04-08-08 10:31 AM
  2. tmag2005's Avatar
    Orange do offer a 36mb package but its a pain to get it....

    I have plenty of friends who have the same deal.

    Its fair to say BB support is poor in the UK. O2 have the best packages....

    Might be worth pm'ing Fatreg on here. He used to work for Orange....
    04-08-08 12:12 PM
  3. carlaloup's Avatar
    i'm pretty paniced after reading this thread.
    i took my previous phone (good old nokia) back to the shop last week after it stopped working, it was insured and stuff but they still couldn't fix it because "the network was down". in the end i reluctantly agreed to get a nice blackberry (which i will struggle to pay for, student..) I also had to end my old contract early, only 180!!!
    basically i have the same package, 35 a month so many minutes, unlimited texts, plus the 7 "unlimited internet access". its on orange and i also got it from carephone warehouse.
    since then i have had major problem with the internet, i get error 502 every time i try to download facebook. i was unable to set up my email also.
    then i got the bill sent through, and it said the internet was unlimited evenings and weekends!
    i went back to a different carphone warehouse and explained my situation, he contacted orange for me (was a really lovely guy) and orange said that i did not have any internet bundle, and would cost me 6 to get it. the carphone warehouse man was sure that it must have been a mistake and that the internet package must not have been put on the first time around. he assured me i would not be paying anymore, as the 7 and i quote "unlimited internet access" was not put on.
    however, after reading this i am thinking twice!
    i will be more if i am paying nearly 50 for a phone which doesn't even do the things i was promised.
    i feel so ripped off by Carphone Warehouse!
    Anyway, apart from crying, any advice?
    04-10-08 10:08 AM
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