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    I used to make fun of my buddies who had to carry Berries... At the time I used WinMo devices and had fun modding the heck out of 'em! I always told my friends that if RIM ever came out with a touch screen device that could easily modify Office Docs, I'd consider TRYING a Blackberry.

    That's when the Storm blew in... and my life would never be the same...

    I picked up my 8330 one week before the Storm was supposed to hit, and was in Lust from day one. After seeing the Storm, handling the in-store demo, and seeing all the issues the initial OS had, I stuck with my Curve. I still have two upgrades on my family share plan, but am holding onto them for what comes out next from RIM and VZW... and one for my wife...

    Tried to get her interested with the BOGO, but she doesn't believe a cell phone is supposed to do more than make calls, send txt msgs, and maybe check her email on a rare occasion. I pray that someday she will come around & wonder if the Pearl Flip might be that day!

    In the end, I'm not a Smartphone n00b, but I'm certainly a new Crackberry Addict!!!
    02-12-09 09:53 PM