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    I have been toying with moving to a BB for sometime but I have some palm app requirements that I haven't been able to find equivalents for in BB land.

    For perspective, I use these things as work tools, not multimedia players. My current palm treo 700p (don't use the email capability - don't want to be that available...) meets all my req's but my employer is pushing BB as a the corporate standard. I have been using palms since the original pilot, so I am already prepared for a steep learning/transition curve if I get a BB.

    I hoping someone can tell me:
    1) I won't need it (datebk6)
    I like datebk6 but I suspect BB's calendar is pretty functional as is
    2) there just isn't an equivalent (Bonsai & DayNotez)
    Bonsai as a task/outliner is crucial for me - Outlook memos won't cut it
    As a professional, a good diary program is also crucial with a search function and a desktop companion (Natara daynotez) - a diary app with integrated billable time would be slick
    3) there are decent time tracking apps but none as simple and effective as SDS Time...

    How about an scientific RPN calculator - I have seen the financial one (12C) but I would like a full scientific one

    So this is my opening 'hello' and humble request for assistance/knowledge.

    If I jump it will likely be to a curve on Bell Canada

    Cheers and thank you for your time

    09-07-08 06:09 PM
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    Welcome to Crackberry, and be prepared for a bunch of good answers if I know these addicts.

    I, too, just made the jump from years of Treo's - and I have survived. I admit that my specific needs were not as great as yours (I may just be easier to please) but it did take a little searching for programs that will do what I need. The hardest so far has been a good expense tracker like ExpensePlus - I've gotten two but they replace one. I'll survive.

    In summary, you may not get all the answers you need tonight, but you will get a bunch of answers. OK - some may be smart a--, but you'll get answers. And, when (not if, WHEN) you get your berry you will find a source of great support right here. Welcome!
    09-07-08 06:34 PM
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    I made the change this year for business reasons. At first, I was frustrated with some aspects of my conversion. You already found this site which will be of great help. Good luck.

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    09-07-08 06:46 PM
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    Greetings and welcome to CB! This is by far the best website and forum of any smartphone on the market. The fact that it is dedicated to Blackberry makes it all the sweeter. I transitioned from a Palm Tungsten E a while back to my Blackberry and I don't regret it at all. I have been able to find comparable applications from the Crackberry store: https://forums.crackberry.com/e?link...token=aKr6q3cr and from Handango: http://beta.handango.com/HgoStore/homepage/Homepage.jsp?storeId=2218.

    This is by far the most supportive and knowledgeable community that I have been active in bar none. If you decide to switch, you won't be disappointed.
    09-07-08 06:50 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry Chilled!!
    To start, I cant answer mst of your question. When it comes to email, & calender, Outlook seems to be the BlackBerry standard. I dont know of any 3rd party apps that work in conjunction to Desktop Manager which is the app thats used to sync to your BlackBerry.

    I can offer you this piece of advice. WHEN you get your BlackBerry, put all thoughts of Treo aside. They are no where near close to being identical and if you go into it thinking "Palm," you will just be sending yourself down the road of "BlackBerry not right for me." Spend at a minimum 2 weeks familiarizing yourself with its functions. You may find that one of those crucial programs are not needed. BlackBerries do many things in a minimalist sort if way.

    Check out the 3rd party app section of CrackBerry and see if there are any alternatives to the programs you said are crucial to you; thats AFTER you have played with it.

    There are many of us that have come from Palm & WMo and dont miss it one bit. My last was the 755p & HTC Touch. The only way I'd reactivate either of those 2 phones is if I were being nostalgic.

    I think when you get your Curve you'll be really surprised at what it can do. I can tell you right now though- apps canNOT be run from the memory card. That might be something else you'll have to consider when taking the jump.

    CDMA Curves come with more internally memory that their GSM counterparts. So installing apps to the Curves internal memory isnt that bad unless your using memory hogging apps. Again, the 3rd party section will help you with some decisions/choices you need to make.

    Best of luck to you. We are here if/when you need any help!!

    09-07-08 07:06 PM
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    Thanks for the welcome

    I went through a lot of palm expense apps - including expense plus..

    I finally ended up with Adarian's - Expense Diary

    I'll miss that app I suspect but it is not so critical as a good diary


    09-07-08 07:24 PM
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    ScandaLeX + Patrickwc + teal:

    Thanks for the replies

    I am a demanding user (vs a power user) I use cards for mobile backups and haven't found the need to run apps from cards to date

    I want my apps to work the way I do (not many do and I have been fair at adapting )

    I see there is now a scientific RPN calculator (10C) I hope someone does one for the old HP 41's

    To clarify a little - I use Daynotez to record my days in 30 minute intervals as I go thru the day. I use this to build/support my billable project time. I also use it a record of decision capture tool which I can search in the case of a contract dispute - a rather common occurence ...

    (I tried to post a url to the natara site but I am a constrained noob, it seems)

    I use Bonsai to create punch/action lists for myself and my staff

    Again , I hope to find variants of these for BB, on the presumption that these types of requirements can't be met by stock RIM software

    Cheers and thank you all for the warm welcome.

    09-07-08 07:40 PM
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    Like you, I have been using the palm since the pilot. I really loved it but palm has not been able to keep up with the industry (RIM & Apple). I have moved to a BB 8800 to Curve and I just got the Bold and I love each one. You can get most palm apps or something similar for BB. It's like moving from pc to a mac.
    09-07-08 08:14 PM
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    Welcome to Crackberry and I alsi made tht jump from my HTC and I don't regret it at all....

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    09-07-08 09:27 PM
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    The WM folks have the option of running an app called Styletap - a palm emulator. Any chance there is such a thing for BB's?

    This would clinch the decision to jump....

    09-08-08 05:49 AM
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    Welcome to crackberry.com

    i am sure you will find comprabile apps, I found so many more on BB than other phones.
    09-08-08 06:08 AM
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    Don't know of an emulator for BB.

    For some needs, HandBase could fill the gaps for you.
    09-08-08 06:47 AM
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    Your best bet might be to contact database programs such as HandBase. At my job we are bouncing files from windows to palms to my BB Curve to check on quotas. I contacted HandBase and they pointed me to another program that was able to handle printing from a palm to a laser printer. Many of the Software companies will either be able to point you the right direction, or you may be able to have them write a macro for your needs. I sacrified some programs I liked from Treo to BB, but I have no regrets.
    09-08-08 09:04 AM
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    Welcome to CB! I had a Treo 650 before moving to my BB and at first it was hard - you get used to anything and it's hard to change BUT I would NEVER in a million years go back to the Treo or any other phone now except another BB. Like Lex said, try to keep the Treo out of your mind when you're starting to use your BB - they are such different animals and comparing them will only drive you crazy!
    09-08-08 03:57 PM
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    I too used Bonsai and Datenotez extensively in my 755p. I searched for equivalents before getting my 8330, but I have not been able to find subs.
    09-08-08 06:28 PM
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    For synchronization help, look at Companionlink Professional. My office uses an ACT! 2008 hybrid for a contact manager and Companionlink bridged the synchronization issues beautifully.

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    09-08-08 06:37 PM
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    Former Treo755p user here,current BBcurve user and i'm never looking back.Welcome to Crackberry Nation.
    09-08-08 06:55 PM
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    I too used Bonsai and Datenotez extensively in my 755p. I searched for equivalents before getting my 8330, but I have not been able to find subs.
    Sigh - the incovenient truth is revealed....

    I wish the styletap folks would generate a BB based palm emulator - it would be a silver bullet

    What apps are you currently using in the interim?


    09-08-08 09:18 PM
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    well mark you will learn how to use every function a bb has and plus all you really need to do is search around for the type of apps you will need or want to use but trust me you wont go wrong with a bb ....and plus you have crackberry to help with any questions
    09-08-08 09:33 PM
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    Just took my advice and downloaded HanDBase. I used to have it on my Palm, and I am very, very impressed with the BB port.
    09-14-08 06:01 PM
  21. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Plus, if you owned a Palm license, they give a steep discount, which I intend to take advantage of at the end of the trial period.
    09-14-08 06:03 PM
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    Welcome to CB!!
    09-14-08 06:04 PM