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    I have a 8830 with Verizon. My first Blackberry or PDA of any kind. Pretty cool still figuring out a few things but I would really love a Phonebook manager program that I could enter numbers on my computer and put them directly into the BB. Big fingers little keyboard......not so friendly, for extended typing sessions. Any suggestions?
    11-09-07 08:24 AM
  2. chinesecatt's Avatar
    Welcome Superman!

    Another solution for fat digits , bluetooth keyboard. I have fat digits so that's why I had to grab one of those.
    11-09-07 08:27 AM
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    Welcome to CB !
    11-09-07 09:11 AM
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    Welcome Superman!!!
    11-09-07 09:19 AM
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    Superman, we have no Kryptonite here! So, welcome to CrackBerry.com. Please take a moment to review the rules and guidelines...
    11-09-07 09:32 AM
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    welcome superman...

    enjoy the new berry. you soon will forget what life was like without it.

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    11-09-07 12:06 PM
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    Hello Superman I'm sure u will enjoy your stay here

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    11-09-07 02:07 PM
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    Hey Superman, your not alone partner. I'm still learning my way around the unlimited source of information on this site.
    11-10-07 12:37 AM
  9. _SUPERMAN_'s Avatar
    But these things sure are fun!
    11-11-07 08:30 PM
  10. epiguards's Avatar
    and not to mention pretty darn cool looking
    11-11-07 10:59 PM
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    Welcome to CB!!
    12-08-07 10:30 PM
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    welcome to crackberry
    12-09-07 12:57 AM
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    Ditto welcome to cb

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    12-09-07 01:51 AM
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    Welcome to the Addiction the fun has only just begun..........
    12-09-07 08:22 AM
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    Welcome Superman!
    12-09-07 10:10 AM
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    welcome to cb
    12-11-07 08:27 AM