1. bottlecap's Avatar
    Former Crackberry user, I just can't stay away! I'm leaving T-mobile for Verizon so I can talk with my family for free, and I decided "I NEED MY CRACKBERRY!" so I'm picking up a 8703e. I'm telling my self, "You need this for your work", (I believe me too ) I'm now a free lance technical consultant and need real time access to my email. Also I play with Java on the side and may get a burr up my **** to write an app or 2.

    Anyway i'll be bugging you all with questions, and also I am happy to answer any techy geeky questions, especially ones relating to Macintosh.
    04-24-08 08:23 PM
  2. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    well, welcome back! feel free to ask away!
    04-24-08 08:24 PM
  3. username's Avatar
    04-24-08 08:26 PM
  4. shadygrady's Avatar
    welcome home.
    04-24-08 08:26 PM
  5. garbagefairy1967's Avatar
    Welcome back, couldn't stay away could ya! lol

    04-24-08 08:27 PM
  6. bottlecap's Avatar
    Welcome back, couldn't stay away could ya! lol

    In a word no. And what does it say, that the company I worked for, they GAVE us iphones, I worked for a certain fruity computer company, and I STILL wanna BB?
    04-24-08 08:28 PM
  7. Dr. Newport's Avatar
    Welcome n00b!
    04-24-08 08:57 PM
  8. Duvi's Avatar
    Welcome to your new home...
    04-24-08 10:09 PM
  9. CrackBlack's Avatar
    Welcome back, couldn't stay away could ya! lol

    Welcome Back
    somehow I think that a Curve (8330) is in your future.
    04-25-08 06:50 AM
  10. Gypsy's Avatar
    Welcome back!
    04-25-08 07:55 AM
  11. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    Welcome To CB!!!!
    04-25-08 08:19 AM
  12. brownieangel23's Avatar
    I have the 8703e for sprint, and its a great bb (until they release a cdma curve) welcome

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    04-25-08 08:23 AM
  13. latina berry's Avatar
    Welcome back to CB.
    04-25-08 05:08 PM
  14. Username5300's Avatar
    Can you say RELAPS
    04-25-08 05:18 PM
  15. mattburns9999's Avatar
    welcome to cb!!!
    04-25-08 05:56 PM