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    Hello Everyone,

    This is Yogesh from India..

    Have been a WP user for a long time, Was using Samsung Omnia ever since it was launched, before switching to Lumia 920.

    But on one fateful day, when I was taking a walk in the sea shore, I unfortunately slipped and fell down, and I lost my Lumia 920 which was in my pocket as the phone got hit with an incoming wave.. It was a sad end..to a nice experience.. The Nokia CSC told me that my motherboard got 'short circuited', and that the new motherboard costs around 80% of the phone cost.

    I decided to invest in a new phone, and since BB Z10 was on my list for sometime, I decided to go for it,

    It was a huge trouble in getting the Z10, as it was out of stock at most places near-by, I am not sure if this is down to the demand or the lack of supplies from BB India. One particular shop was insisting me to purchase an Local OEM named Micromax, India as you know is a price sensitive market, and these Chinese refurbished phones have always been on the spotlight, so much so that these players have started teasers of their upcoming products. Anyway, I wasn't an Android guy, and wasn't interested in these 'Indo-Chinese' agreements, so I started hunting for Z10 in more shops across the city, but turned out that none of these were having the Z10..

    One particular shopkeeper agreed to arrange the Z10, by shipping it from a city which was more then 400 Kms away from my place.. I struck the deal, and finally got the Z10 on Sunday, July 7, 2013.

    Initial experience was just great, I had many hands-on experience with the Z10 before, so navigating around the phone wasn't so difficult.

    The Blackberry Hub was always tipped to be a showstopper of BB10, and it was one factor that impressed me, as you know, the notifications in WP were of its own kind. So BB Hub turned out to be a great ADDICTION to my life.

    The Blackberry keyboard has been so entertaining all this while, and I would pick the BB Keyboard any day over the Swype.

    Seems that BB has taken massive care in each and every department, and this seems to show, as you spend more and more time with the phone.

    Coming from the pureview family, it feels that the camera of BB Z10 is kind of generation old, as compared to the mighty impressive Lumia 920. This is one area where I seem to miss my Lumia days. Even the so called Time-shift mode wasn't convincing. At best, it can give a run to SGS III.

    The display feels good, if not impressive, but again we are in the era of 1080P displays. The 4.2" is a blessing in disguise, and I know people seem to hunt for 5" these days, and many feel 4.5" is ideal size for a smartphone. I won't complain because at 352 PPI, the display would never be a talking point for moderate users.

    It's always lame when people insist on Android phones, just because they are offering amazing specs, The Hardware and software of Z10 is so tightly integrated that you would feel blessed about this whole experience, Just like the lumia 920. On the other hand, Android is always resource hungry, I have no idea, why people compare two entirely different eco systems. But anyway, the hardware never bothered me, when I am offered a tightly integrated phone, which has removable battery, expandable storage, mini HDMI port, and expansion via micro SD card, some good freebies that most of the current gen phones give it a miss.

    It's unfortunate when a company like Blackberry is blamed for the eco-system, the BB10 is a great experience, although the learning curve to many would be a tad high as compared to the rivals. But then again, WP7 was blamed when it was unveiled, the same goes to WP8 as many felt the metro/modern UI wasn't enough to convince users due to its steep learning curve, but people seems to love the modern language now, and I believe the learning curve to BB10 would be worth the pain, if there is any. The browser does its job, and it is one of the few to still support flash content, which is a plus for the next few quarters as the industry is still in the transmission phase to the HTML 5. Flash support is a welcome addition. The apps are always a talking point when it comes to the new generation OS, it happened with every other player out there, I am sure, the devs would be keen to put more money on BB10, I am very surprised as to the lack of promotion from BB. When Microsoft and Nokia went all out to get the devs on board their new eco system, I don't see signs of BB doing the same. There are just too many holes in the app store, and the in-built SNS apps are pathetic, especially Twitter which seems to have been built in a desperate mode. But then again, the whole app store is developing, I am just hoping to see more third party apps to fix the loopholes, but then some third party apps aren half baked, and I'm not talking about those ported apps, rather the so called native apps including whatsApp. The amount of apps that BB has in store is still great for a new eco system and it's a promising sign for the future. I just hope, BB would do something to please the developers to come onboard, if there are back ground talks with the devs, I am more then Happy!

    I still do not understand the idea of Blackberry sponsoring Mercedes F1, I was so interested to finding a Mercedes F1 app or something, I know it wasn't there, I kinda hoped it would be present somewhere. I wish BB used this opportunity to promote a exclusive app offering insights into the Mercedes F1, there are amazing things they could show, and it's one area where BB can take an edge. I am surprised, not many asked for an app of some kind, but again it's Formula 1 that we are talking about..

    The battery life wasn't bad as tipped by many, It took around 2.30 hours to get to 100% from Zero, and it lasted a decent 14 hours on Wifi with some moderate usage. And I believe this could improve, although I haven't tested with only 3G. The phone also supports a wide array of multimedia content which seems to be far impressive while making the shift from the WP platform.

    I am bit skeptic about the whole support period of Z10, it's the first phone to be based on a brand new platform, I would be more then happy to get an 18 month support period. With the way how Playbook was abandoned, I am not sure if BB Z10 would be eligible for the next round of software updates, especially with the much hyped A10 around the corner. I would hope BB doesn't abandon the existing users, although the number maybe quite low, are the ultimate fan boys of Blackberry, and should get proper treatment. They haven't done in the past, but I hope it's a new beginning to many.

    Finally to conclude, it has been a amazing experience with my first blackberry, (and by the way, I haven't tried BBM, as I still seem to hunt for a person with BB). BB10 has been exciting and refreshing, the active frames, the BB Peak, BB Hub are certainly the big talking point, along with the exceptional keyboard. The ecosystem has taken off, but hasn't been given a due push by BB, and I hope they start making the right calls to right persons. I still got no idea, if the lack of BB in my area was down to the demand or lack of supplies, Z10 and Q10 are amazing phones, and have to be dealt in the right way, they deserve the promotions which I haven't witnessed for quite sometime now. The phone is quite steeply priced, and at least in the emerging countries like India, should have been priced at a different price point. But again, I would recommend this phone to anyone simply for the core features if not for apps. There might be few glitches on the run, but considering that this is a beginning of an exciting platform, this is one device, that is worth the buy!
    07-10-13 11:43 AM
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    ...welcome to CrackBerry.com
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    07-10-13 12:05 PM
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    Welcome to the forum !!
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    07-10-13 12:10 PM
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    One of the best articles I have read on here. Great analysis of everything that most people tend to miss
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    07-10-13 12:34 PM
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    One of the best articles I have read on here. Great analysis of everything that most people tend to miss
    Thank You..

    I hope BlackBerry doesn't give it a miss

    Posted via CB10
    07-10-13 12:55 PM
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    Thank You..

    I hope BlackBerry doesn't give it a miss

    Posted via CB10
    I'm sure they have some spies on this forum... :P
    07-10-13 01:29 PM
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    After all the trouble you've been through to get the Z10, I must say you have a very strong determination once you've set your mind on something! Congratulations and I know you will like it more as you get the hang of everything! Please keep us posted!

    Posted via CB10
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    07-10-13 01:48 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry
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    07-10-13 02:36 PM
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    Welcome to this sub forum! :P
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    07-10-13 02:47 PM
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    Beauty write up. Enjoy your Z10

    BlackBerry Z10- I use it for a phone and a computer
    07-10-13 07:21 PM
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    I'm sure they have some spies on this forum... :P
    True. This is one of the best forums that BB can look forward to, I really hope they feel the sentiments of the end consumers

    After all the trouble you've been through to get the Z10, I must say you have a very strong determination once you've set your mind on something! Congratulations and I know you will like it more as you get the hang of everything! Please keep us posted!

    Posted via CB10
    Haha I am not sure if that's to do with a strong determination or anything Yes, My mind was on Z10, But I wasn't an Android guy, I am not an Apple fanatic, so that brings me down to WP again, I waited so long to get a replacement for Lumia 920, so the Lumia 1020 or EOS as you would call it will be announced tonight, which will mean that the product won't be shipped until the holidays or even later then that..and after using 920, no other Windows Phone feels good. So that's the reason, I insisted on Z10 more!

    Beauty write up. Enjoy your Z10

    BlackBerry Z10- I use it for a phone and a computer
    Thank You

    I am enjoying Z10, There are far too many features that I discovered, which wasn't available on WP.
    So the whole thing feels like a breadth of fresh air.

    File Manager on BB10 solves me half the crisis that as compared to none on WP.
    And the BB Keyboard really solves tons of issues as I have started to find more tricks down the sleeve

    I really would like to write more about this beast soon
    07-11-13 01:47 AM

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