1. OU1247's Avatar
    I heard you could sync your BB w/ Google Calendar?
    Is that true and how do you do that?

    As a newbie any help would be very welcomed!
    10-13-08 01:45 PM
  2. MrPixar's Avatar
    google has an application for the BB called "Google Sync".. install that to your BB and you'll be able to directly sync your BB calendar to your Google calendar and vice versa.

    Google Mobile - Sync

    10-13-08 03:05 PM
  3. srplummer's Avatar
    It works great!!
    Also, it will only sync appointments made after the app is installed. You can just delete and reenter them though and it will work fine.
    10-13-08 03:07 PM
  4. nilemann's Avatar
    It does exactly what it says it will do. But, it will sync EVERYTHING in your BB, paying absolutely no attention to what calendar it was created with, to your google calendar. I use 2 calendars on my BB - one personal and one work. Google Sync just lumps them all together into Google Calendar.
    10-13-08 09:07 PM
  5. OU1247's Avatar
    thank you. I am going to download right now!
    10-13-08 09:19 PM