1. REMIX's Avatar
    Someone break down the necessity of Google apps. I send and receive lots of PDFs and could use a better reader. I have Gmail working through BIS, will it end up being redundant? Can I leave the Gmail option off?

    05-31-07 11:06 PM
  2. ravenelje's Avatar
    To my knowledge Google Apps does not provide a reader for PDF's. The reader is part of the BB software. I may be mistaken, and am sure someone on Crackberry.com can verify.

    You can exclude GMAIL. After you've installed Google Apps, go to settings-options-Google services. It may reside in advanced applications. I am not sure if the naming convention is Google services, but it is something to that effect. Uncheck GMAIL and it will reset the phone and GMAIL is no longer available.

    I recently installed Google Apps on an 8800 and ran across a strange error. Google Apps was trying to access my phone logs. I denied it and the whole phone had to be wiped, and had to reset it through the app loader on the desktop software.

    Hope this helps.
    05-31-07 11:30 PM