1. gasmark7's Avatar

    I've been lurking on here for a while but not been posting much so I thought I would say hello to everyone

    I go by the name of Mark, I'm 21 and from Scotland!

    I've got a Bold, had it since September but it just keeps getting more and more addictive, I can't see myself getting another phone for a longgg time!

    I'm in the last year of university so have the fun ridiculous levels of coursework to do...so naturally I find myself online saying hello

    03-24-09 03:31 PM
  2. Shannon7287's Avatar
    Hello Mark,

    Scotland? Ouuuu I've always wanted to go to Scotland...I'm irish/scottish... I have a curve.. I luv it and I'll never change! lol
    03-25-09 12:49 AM
  3. prrnrngr's Avatar
    Welcome aboard...I'm new too.
    03-25-09 03:46 AM
  4. garvicad's Avatar
    Welcome aboard I to will never own anything but a blackberry they are indeed very addictive
    03-25-09 07:49 AM
  5. KILLBILL's Avatar
    Hello and Welcome
    03-25-09 08:02 AM
  6. Jodie98deg's Avatar
    Good evening back to you Mark.
    03-25-09 12:02 PM
  7. Hennessy62082's Avatar
    Welcome! An Irish Hennessy here that lives in Houston, TX.
    03-25-09 12:14 PM
  8. Kompressor33's Avatar
    Welcome aboard.

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    03-25-09 12:28 PM
  9. NYLonghornFan's Avatar
    03-25-09 02:23 PM