1. mlf80's Avatar

    for the 2nd time my bb has pulled almost 100 e-mails from my gmail account and says they are new. i have already read these e-mails and deleted them from the bb and archived them in gmail....

    please help....right now i have 109 "new" e-mails....
    08-10-07 03:14 PM
  2. Trevor's Avatar
    If you move an item back into the mailbox, it will show up as new. Also, make sure your pop settings are set to pop3 "retrieve mail from this point on"
    08-10-07 03:46 PM
  3. mlf80's Avatar
    I think i am just having problems with gmail in general. i have it set up for from x date on. i did not put any e-mail back into my inbox...they were arcived...there is no reason why they should have showed up new again...all 100 of them. also, my gmail doesnt sync...if i read it and archive it on my computer, it does not reconcile with my bb. maybe i have it set up incorrectly??
    08-10-07 07:36 PM
  4. mlf80's Avatar
    ok...apparently reconciling doesnt work....

    so now i just need to know why it keeps pulling already read/archived e-mails off my gmail as new
    08-10-07 07:52 PM
  5. kroux's Avatar
    Check you settings on the pc at gmail.com pop.

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    08-11-07 07:27 PM
  6. mlf80's Avatar
    I've checked and rechecked all of this and i dont think anything is set up the wrong way. it did it again today, all of a sudden i had 100 e-mails!!! ugh!!
    08-12-07 08:07 PM
  7. Click's Avatar
    My question is if you get a email and you read it on your BB does it come back??? Also do you get emails that you send? If you have this problem make a filter on your gmail account!
    Hope this helps!!
    08-12-07 08:46 PM
  8. mlf80's Avatar
    I have already set up the filter for the sent e-mails. When it's pulling the massive amounts of e-mails, they are e-mails I have already read and have archived on my PC. Does that help???
    08-13-07 08:42 PM
  9. mlf80's Avatar
    it did it again today...ugh. i even deleted and re added my gmail account thinking that might work. i guess at this point i should call verizon?
    08-15-07 04:23 PM
  10. mlf80's Avatar
    Ccan anyone help me? I can't be the only one this is happening to. It happened twice this weekend. It pulled e-mails all the way back to July 20th!!
    08-19-07 06:23 PM