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    I brought my Alltel Curve home on Nov 21. I made the decision to stay with Alltel for the Circle and had to do it before the VZN merger. Ive got 11 numbers I can dial and talk 24/7 and this is what kept me with Alltel (for the next two yearsprobably). I have used a Moto RAZR for the past several years and this is my first venture into a smart phone. I thought it was about time I joined the 21st century. I did a fair amount of research and settled on the Curve for several reasons that I wont get into. I made my purchase right before Thanksgiving, knowing that I was going to have some free time over the extended holiday and thought this would be a good opportunity to become familiar with the new BB. During the weekend I had ample time to play with this new device and decided to download the Empower HTML Mail Viewer PRO. I can truly say this made a huge improvement to my email viewing experience. Next I purchased an iBerry Custom L theme from John at Gadgetbean.com. I much prefer these blocks over the stock icons and like the simplicity and convenience of this theme. I was rolling along nicely when the 4.5 OS came out and on Dec 2nd I made the upgrade. This actually went very smooth. The only problem was I now had to upgrade the apps I had just purchased but no problems there either. I have since added a 4 GB memory card and based on some superb info on the CB site I opted for AccuWeather (waited about 16 hours for the icon to show up). I loaded the WSJ Mobile Reader for news and stock quotes and, of course, added the CB button.

    At this time I only have two issues. The first is the changing of the browser issue that I have read quite a lot about. There appears to be issues with changing the browser home page on the new 4.5 OS and making it stick. I can change the browser home page and make it stick but the change is temporary until I make a major alteration like deleting an application. Sooner or later Im going to do something and the BB Help page is going to return. It looks as if the only way to get rid of it permanently from the browser is to delete it from the apps. Second, the Empower Mail Viewer does not work 100% of the time. I receive a message from time to time that arrives in the new 4.5 format (greatly improved over the older OS but not as nice as the Empower). It seems the folks at Empower Interactive do not want to address or have a solution for this issue. These issues are really minor.

    As you can see, I have eased into the Curve and will continue to broaden my BB experience and expertise over time. Thanks for all the passive (lots of good info in the threads) and active help (I did have a storage hiccup). In conclusion, I had 30 days to keep or trade the BB. My next move is to fill out paperwork for my $100 rebate. BB is here to stay!
    12-15-08 02:58 PM
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    That's almost the same time I upgraded from the pearl 8130 to the curve 8330. I have been using my bb everyday since then. I am disappointed that alltel is being merged with vz. I have been with alltel since 2006 when I left suncom --- now tmobile. I haven't had any trouble with my alltel service

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    12-15-08 04:44 PM