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    Hi everyone,

    After a decade of the Palm OS and and using three PalmOS phones, I have finally decided to switch to the Blackberry. I bought a "like new" 8703e (Sprint) last night on eBay, and I am awaiting it's arrival.

    I would like any advice you can give me regarding things I can be doing now to make the switch as easy as possible.

    So far, I've ordered an OEM sleeper case (see pic) and some ScreenGardz HD screen protectors.

    Here is the other stuff:

    - I use IMAP e-mail which I get with a premium account from Fastmail.fm. I don't have any fancy Exchange services or anything. I work for a church, so I just take all my e-mail and forward it to Fastmail, which gives me IMAP, so my desktop PC, Macbook, and phone are perfectly in sync. I love it and will never go back to POP. Gmail IMAP didn't work because I needed my mail to appear in people's mailboxes as coming from @churchaddress.com and not @gmail.com.

    - I sync with iCal and Address Book on a Macbook running 10.4.11 (Tiger). I would love to sync with Google Calendar as well, and I have been reading about Google's Blackberry application. I'm also reading about Apple's BlackBerry 4.0.20b application.

    - I don't live in a PowerVision area, for what that's worth. Most times, I just have 1xrtt.

    - When I call to swap ESN's, I plan on signing up for Sprint's $30 Blackberry plan.

    That's all I can think of for now. I appreciate any insight you can offer. Even before I became a BB owner, I appreciated how this community was so helpful to newbies, so I thank you in advance for that.


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    I bought my BB on a whim with no advance prep, so I have little for you...except to say welcome to the BB side!

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    02-29-08 11:42 AM
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    Get ready for the time of your life in the BB world!!
    02-29-08 11:54 AM
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    thumb lifts 2 sets of 10 every 15 minutes or so.

    no really~you'll be fine, welcome to CB
    02-29-08 11:59 AM
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    i wish i had some helpful tips, but i know that this transition will be an awesome one especially if you just play around with your BB & become familiar with everything.
    02-29-08 12:24 PM
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    You could check out the links in my signature below. A lot of good info.
    02-29-08 12:30 PM