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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the Blackberry arena but had a couple of questions and was hoping someone might be able to help me out. I picked up a BB Curve 8330 from Verizon:

    1. I'm not crazy about the fact that all messages appear in messages. For example I set up my email and I have a seperate message box for that email but I also have that same message in the regular messages box. Same thing on text messages. I think text messages should be stored somewhere else besides the main messages box.

    2. What's the deal with receiving pictures or going on sites that have video. The only site I'm able to see video on it youtube. Is this normal? I tried to do it through Opera Mini instead of the BB browser, but it seems that when you use Opera Mini you lose a lot of your functionality such as page down/up/bottom/top, etc.

    3. I got an error when trying to access my Comcast email saying, "Browser settings are preventing you from automatically redirecting to a new URL.". How do I fix this?

    4. I'm confused with Compose. When I go to Compose I'm thinking I can compose an email, text, etc. It brings up my address book and when I click on a name with the trackball it calls that person. That's not composing anything at all. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong....

    5. Is there a way to bypass the message in the browser that says, "This app does not contain a signature. It might not be from trusted source, etc"?

    6. Sometimes the browser gets hung up. I hate to think this is normal. It sometimes takes forever to load a page, do a download, etc. Also, earlier today I was trying to send an MMS message to someone with a small picture and it took about 5-6 minutes before it finally sent. Is something up with my phone?

    7. I tried to download a game like Tetris which was recommended on here somewhere. It's called BattleBlocks. I went to the suggested link, and it seems to go through the download process but then gives me a message saying, "Download Failed." I click on Details and it says, "907 Invalid Jar - A network error occurred". No idea about this....

    8. Last browser question. There is a message board that I go on quite often, and it has a "Mobile" skin which is great because it doesn't load all the pictures/graphics and is much easier to navigate with on the phone. When I try to change it to "Mobile" nothing happens. I tried doing it from Opera Mini and it worked fine, but again Opera Mini doesn't seem to give me that same functionality as the BB browser. I also tried to change to "Mobile" on my home PC and it worked fine, so it seems to be something to do with the phone.

    I think that's enough for today. Sorry for the ridiculous post. Once I get all these issues straightened out, I guess I'll be happy. Thanks to anyone who can help.
    09-01-08 08:31 PM
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    1. You pretty much hit the nail on the head without realizing it. The "main messages box" is exactly that. A central location for all messages. You can separate them though.

    Go to Messages > Menu > Options > General > SMS and Email Inboxes: Set this to Separate.

    2. Pretty much. BlackBerrys don't have any support for sites with flash video content. So unless the site offers an alternate means of delivering the video to you in a mobile format, it's not going to work.

    3. Make sure javascript is enabled in the browser options. Hopefully that's all you need to change.

    4. This seems to be different from one user to another, haven't figured it all out yet.

    5. No.

    6. This can depend on whether or not you have a good or poor signal.

    7. site:forums.crackberry.com error 907 - Google Search

    8. Not enough info on this site to help you... But I would say if you know the URL for it, just send it to your phone and bookmark it.
    09-01-08 08:54 PM
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    Thanks very much. I appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions.
    09-02-08 06:50 AM
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    Okay, I somehow screwed something up. My applications icon appears to be grayed out on my home screen. When I click on it all it does is bring up my menu, and I can't find the apps icon within my menu. I've already tried the show all, but the icon is still grayed out on my home screen. Shouldn't it be yellow all the time? It turns yellow when I click on it, but shouldn't it also bring me to my installed apps like VZ Navigator, my games, etc?

    Also, is there a way that I can delete messages from my main messages box without deleting them from my sub mailboxes and sms/mms box?

    Lastly, how can I access the folders where my phone stores things like if I download a picture or video from an email. It shows me a folder where it's saving when I click on save, but how do I access those folders??
    09-02-08 10:01 PM
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    1. Not sure. Try a battery pull. With your phone on, remove the battery for 30 seconds, then put it back in.

    2. Messages box is a central folder for all messages. If you delete a message in there, its also gonna effect your other folders.

    3. Media > Menu > Explore.
    09-02-08 10:04 PM