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    Greetings. I'm a Windows Mobile user for 4 years now. I'm planning to get a Blackberry (Curve or Bold) for a change. In WM, once a SMS arrives the full message is shown in the Today screen (with options to Delete, Reply, etc) for a few secs before it disappears as a message alert. This is very convenient. Does Blackberries have this feature? And not having to click the Message folder to read the full message? Thank you very much.
    11-08-08 05:20 AM
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    Please, anyone??! Thanks
    11-08-08 07:39 AM
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    To my knowledge, the BB does not have this feature. BTW, welcome to CB.
    11-08-08 09:57 AM
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    Yes welcome to CB. As far as the feature you're talking about, there are programs, that will bring up popup windows. But I believe they're only for emails. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    And checking the sms msg is one click away anyways. The inbox show part of the msg, the beginning of it. Hopefully that is enough?

    Lol and lastly to mention, BB os is far more superior than wm. Just a thought. So it'll make up for it, if you can't figure out how to do the sms pop up you're talking about.

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    11-08-08 10:22 AM
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    The Blackberry does not offer this feature, but there are currently two programs(that I know of), Aerize Alerts and PeekaWho, who have this feature for emails and SMS. I personally have PeekaWho, and absolutely love it. I got it the day it was released, and smrtguard has done nothing but make improvements to it with every single release, and beta release.

    If you get a curve, checking message is just one button away if you have dialing from the home screen off. You just press "M" and it takes you to your message inbox.

    Blackberries are a far more superior device than WM phones. I came over from WM myself, and have not looked back since.
    11-08-08 11:12 AM
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    Thank You very much for all the replies Guys. This is what I really liked about this forum, very helpful and family-like hehe I'm actually just waiting for the phones to arrive. Cheers and more power
    11-08-08 06:19 PM
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    Welcome to crackberry!!

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    11-08-08 09:16 PM