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    my son changed carriers and purchased a non crackberry.
    So he gave me his 7100i.
    I went through Nextel/Sprints online chat/help support and had the 7100i swapped with my Motorola i836, I was assured it would be quick and simple.
    The rep said to put my i836 sim card into the bb 7100i and then power the bb 7100i off then back on. It all seemed to go so well, the test call went ok and I could call my voicemail and callers could leave me voicemail :

    2 days later I started getting a busy when calling to check my voicemail, and callers were not able to leave me a voicemail, sometimes callers got the recording that the number they dialed was temporarily out of service, or they would just sit and listen to it ring until they realized it was not being answered and hung up.

    Well I went back to nextel/sprint online chat support, we wiped the device, we did master radio rests, they reset my voicemail, nothing worked-I was directed to a nextel/sprint service center and it got worse! After over an hour wait I was told that there was nothing wrong with the unti and that all was working--well on the sidewalk outside the store I called my voicemail and got a busy! I was not happy! I went back in and another rep/employee said the unot was a lemon and I could replace it for $115.00 !!!!!

    All this to try and save a buck, now I guess I will just purchase a new phone, unless anyone can help???!!!

    11-07-08 11:00 PM