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    So I must say I have been real impressed with the curve lately. I have used ppc for about 5 years and loved the media abilities and custom roms with them. I was on ppcgeeks forums all the time tweaking roms and looking for new programs ect...

    So far love the BB's
    *Stability (no soft resets)
    *Ease of use (seems like alot of thought was but into the software ease of use)

    I have been able to almost everything on the BB that i did with the ppc's.

    *Down load upgraded OS
    *Divx movies (looks better on BB)
    *Mp3 Player (stereo BT)
    *Stream radio stations (moodio is actually easier to use on BB)
    *Custom home pages (havent tinkered with that one yet)
    *Calander (easier on BB)
    *Task (I do miss having my task on the home screen)
    *Mass Media device function
    *Physical Keyboard (Like the smaller BB then my old slide out I seem to be more accurate with it)
    *Internet (oper mini, but the bb system explore is not bad at all much better than IE)

    Things I have found and will be looking to try
    *Picture dialer
    *Google calender (multi)
    *rss feeder
    *Easy memory cleaner

    Things still looking for (If possible let me know)
    *Keyboard short cuts on the Today screen to open Calander, task, programs...
    *Task on today screen
    *Any overclocking function
    *Sirius Sat radio
    * Myspace mobile ap (Ive read on here coming soon)
    *Program that will let me press the side buttons differnt number of times to open additional programs. For example if I press the left key once opens opened apps, if pressed twice opens media player, if held down opens voice recorder.

    Any Im sure I will be lurking on these forums alot!

    10-10-08 11:30 AM
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    Welcome to the blackberry. I loved my htc apache and used ppcgeeks quite a bit. I still use it cause I love the touch screen but your right can't compare to the curve. Once again welcome

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    10-10-08 11:40 AM
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    Hello & welcome to the CB family!
    10-10-08 11:45 AM
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    welcome to crackberry
    10-10-08 12:50 PM