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    just a couple questions for a couple of you that are more experienced. i'm with verizon and just made an upgrade from a treo to the curve 8330. so far i like it and see that i will end up happier with it instead of the treo but theres a couple things im just not clear on. please forgive me if they're stupid questions:
    1.) as far as the profiles go......quiet,vibrate,loud,normal and off are self explanatory but whats the difference if i choose phone only? is it just another option customizable to my liking or do i lose access somewhere like internet access or something cuz it says phone ONLY
    2.) as far as SMS goes, it only gives me the option for 160 characters. i was able to go to 500 before with other phones. is there a way to extend this with the curve or should i send things as an MMS? would the person im texting on the other end recieve the word text as if it would be a pic msg or something like that?
    3.) lastly is there a way to organize the texts better. the one thing i did like about the treo is that it displayed the texts like an instant messenger conversation.

    thanks in advance for any help you can provide me with
    11-18-08 05:18 AM
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    1- Phone only silences all sounds except the phone portion.

    2- If there isn't any media, it should be sent as a text/sms. The 160 characters is a common trait for a lot of cdma devices. With AT&T/T-mobile, you can write more, but for every 160 characters, it sends another message (you don't even notice it)

    3- No, not with the way the BB is when you initially get it. Some users have said there are 3rd party apps that do this, but IMO, this is minor and have gotten over it. I'm coming from an iPhone in which it was even better than the treo threaded sms, which btw is what that feature is called. Type "threaded sms app for Blackberry 8330" in google and see what comes up.
    11-18-08 08:36 AM
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    Welcome! I converted from a Moto Q a year ago... there were some adjustment pains but once you get used to your BB you will never go back!

    Some basic suggestions in the settings that I would have for you are to:
    1. Hide your sent messages. (You can always go to View Folder > Sent SMS, Sent MMS, or Sent Email to see them. This will keep your messages folder from being cluttered.

    2. change your SMS/MMS from Theme Controled to Separate so that you can have those separate from your emails.

    3. Create your own 'profile' for sounds and reminders.

    4. 160 SMS max is standard. Even with your Treo, when you sent to other VZW clients it would show up as one long message, but if you sent to AT&T or T-mo, it would send as separate messages, each with 160 max. SMS is specifically designed for short messages. It's just the way it is. (You'll get used to it!)

    Welcome to the BB & CB!
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