1. todivefor#CB's Avatar
    I am new to BB (8130 Pearl). All my experience is with Palm. I am sure this has been asked, but don't know enough to know what to search for. When I hit the red phone key, it takes me 2 a screen with 6 icons down the left side (5 applications and the berry icon) and the sounds icon in the upper right. How do you refer to this screen? Can you add other applications to it or are you limited to 5?
    09-13-08 04:09 PM
  2. jm2hill's Avatar
    this is your home screen your main screen on your berry

    when you click the blackberry logo it will take you to more apps
    the first 5 logos on you more apps screen will be on your main screen
    to move where an app is

    highlight it on your main screen push the blackberry button and choose move

    anymore questions ask
    09-13-08 04:27 PM
  3. todivefor#CB's Avatar

    Thanks for the reply. I figured most of that out. Thought maybe there ws more you could do with the main screen.

    Thank you.
    09-14-08 05:09 AM