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    Hi, Everyone -

    I just switched my service from Nextel to Alltel and purchased a BB Pearl 8130. I am still exploring all of the features and seem to have been fairly successful in getting the Pearl to communicate with my Mac PowerBook G4 (preIntel). I have managed to transfer some photos and music media via Bluetooth. However, I was disappointed to discover that protected iTunes media files would not transfer unless I converted them to MP3 using a 3rd party application. I also downloaded PocketMac and have established synch with MS Entourage and iCal.

    I have a few issues/questions related to the 8130. Since I have never had a Blackberry before, I am not sure if these are normal, if they are related to Alltel service, or if these might indicate a problem with the unit. I would appreciate any feedback or advice on the following:

    1) This is probably related to the Alltel reception in my neighborhood, but occasionally bits and pieces of conversation over the phone will sound muddled. When I check the signal, it is usually on 1XEV with one to three bars. Perhaps Alltel's signal is not as strong in this area as Nextel's.

    2) Sometimes the phone "stalls" when I attempt to exit an application. I will press the back button, and it will hang for a few seconds. This doesn't happen often, but I noticed it this morning when I tried to exit from the Call Log. I pressed the back button and the menu button a couple of times, and the phone did not respond. It appeared to be locked up for a few seconds.

    3) I have attempted to play video clips from the WRAL newscast website using the Blackberry browser and Opera Mini. I get a download prompt. When I activate it, the screen goes black, but nothing happens. I am wondering if I am not waiting long enough for the download, if these types of online media files will not play over the Blackberry, or if there is another application I need to use.

    4) This is probably normal, but I notice streaks of noise in the digital camera and video viewfinder screen, especially in low light situations. I don't notice any noise in the resulting photo images, but there seems to be some in the videos.

    5) Is there any type of Blackberry application that will download a CSV file and convert it so that it can be imported into the Calendar? Our school district has an online calendar that can be exported to create a CSV. I imagine this is compatible with Outlook. However, I have a Mac, so I use Entourage and iCal. I have not found a way to import the CSV file into either of these.

    I would appreciate advice you can share on any of these issues. Thanks.

    12-30-07 05:42 PM
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    welcome to crackberry..
    12-30-07 06:52 PM
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    Welcome and keep Crackin'
    12-31-07 08:12 AM
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    Welcome aboard
    Feels good to have a bb...
    01-02-08 08:38 AM