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    I got a sprint 7130e from someone and played with it for awhile before giving it to my boss. I never liked suretype, so it wasn't going to work. My boss loves it though, so I got some brownie points and I was able to have him give his daughter his moto krzr.
    Before the 7130 I've had numerous multimedia phones, and a palm 755P. None of them ever felt right (read: not enough features)
    After the 7130e, I got the htc touch, which truly was a jack of all trades. It did everything I wanted, from 3g to android to streaming radio anywhere to push mail. Lack of a keyboard and atrocious battery life killed it for me though.
    So last sunday, I stopped by bestbuy and signed the dotted line for T-Mobiles 8900 and data only voice barred plan with unlimited text messaging. $55/mth. I could have saved a lot more with AT&T, because their data plan is cheaper and my brother works for the company, but I prefer not to pay for painful tech support. Long story...
    Been playing with the 8900 the past few days and even loaded .231 on it from .114 I believe. This thing is great. I can listen to music all day at work, send 50+ text messages a day, surf the web for a few hours a day over WIFI and not have to worry about losing my stylus. Oh, and at the end of the day, the battery hovers around 30%. Great in my book, as the HTC died after just 8 hours of normal use.
    I have been checking out crackberry for awhile now, it even helped me decide which phone to buy! And I'm probably going to become addicted to the site now that I have a current BB.
    So there's my long winded intro, hope your haven't put the noose around your neck yet... If not, I'll see you around!

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    welcome to the battlefield soldier! my other phone is an htc touch pro and it can be a pain! if it wasn't for tsowens and crew with the slick tasksbars, i would have gave up on it a long time ago lol! my 8350i is great though. i can abuse it for hours and still have 50% battery.
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    Welcome to crackberry! You will find answers for every question you may have!

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