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    Hello all. I have been lurking here for a couple of months trying learn and understand the blackberry phones. Yesterday I (and my wife) received the Curve 8330. I know I have barely scratched the service, but I was successful in using Google Sync to get my contacts loaded (still working out how I want to configure my home pc set).

    I am sure I will have a lot of questions. Thanks in advance for all who respond....
    12-10-08 08:18 AM
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    the 8330 is a great phone, once you have it all set up you will really enjoy everything it offers, the push email with the BIS is the best around

    enjoy and this is a great site full of advice
    12-10-08 08:28 AM
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    Welcome to CB!

    Don't be shy about asking questions, our addicts are always willing to assist others.

    Enjoy your addiction™
    12-10-08 08:30 AM
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    Welcome to the CB addiction!
    12-10-08 08:51 AM
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Crackheads anonymous
    12-10-08 09:13 AM
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    Welcome to CB!!!!!

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    Bienvenido a casa!!!!
    12-10-08 10:36 AM
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    Hello and welcome to CB.
    12-10-08 12:12 PM
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    WHAT IS push email with the BIS??
    12-11-08 08:31 AM
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    BIS=Blackberry internet service

    Push email- it’s basically a second inbox for your email with instant access to email. The idea is when you get email sent to your inbox normally within a few seconds it’s also going to be on your blackberry………the email is not FWD to the blackberry but pushed. I have found thou sometime there can be a lag in the system but even with the lag it’s maybe up to a 30sec delay and probably due to heavy server volume
    12-11-08 09:35 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry!

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    welcome to the crack! Good luck with Google Sync for contacts. Report back with how you do!
    12-12-08 11:39 PM
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    I just got my 8330 and I love it too!
    12-15-08 01:22 PM
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    Enjoy the site and the phone.
    12-15-08 01:26 PM
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    Try the Blackberry 101 lectures, when I was a new addict they helped.

    Have fun
    12-17-08 05:08 PM