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    Please take a moment if you have a solution and save me hours of frustration and money thrown away on my new Curve 8300.

    I switched from Treo (thinking Palm was moribund) to the Nokia E61 (hated it) to BB Curve 8300. I really like it but can't keep it if I can't get my phone numbers on it in a usable fashion, ideally in a telephone field and not in a user defined string that doesn't allow for quick calling.

    More than 500 of my contacts in Outlook have many telephone numbers, and more than one cellphone.

    The bb desktop remapping system only recognizes some outlook fields so it doesn't even give an option to remap my extra telephone numbers to any bb field.

    In addition, there simply aren't enough phone number fields in bb to handle the amount of numbers in many of my contacts.

    My questions:
    1 Is there a way to remap an outlook field so it will be recognized by the bb desktop software and can then be remapped to one of the limited telephone options in BB?

    2 Is there a way to add more telephone field options into the bb contacts?

    3 If not, is there a 3rd party addressbook software available that will allow me to add the necessary fields.

    Thanks for your time

    04-25-08 04:34 AM