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    so i was at the AT&T store just now with my iPhone 3G in my hand looking at the bold. there are many things i love about my iPhone but missing more.

    i find myself checking Cydia for updates such as MMS, copy and paste, SMS forwarding, etc. things that a phone should have. i have a few questions about programs/applications that will kinda make or break me on this phone.

    pandora, yellowpages, VNC(Remote Desktop)... wow, i think thats it. since i am jailbroken i have the video recorder.

    the AT&T rep said something about the turn by turn voice activated navigation was extra per month. couldnt i just use google maps to find my way around? is there a jailbreak of sort for the bold that will let me use this feature without paying the extra? forgive me for maybe asking a wrong question there, apple owner.

    i love the push email and how there are so many options with it. can i edit word docs with the Bold?

    guys/girls, thanks so much for keeping me informed. i am sure i will have other questions in a little bit.
    12-08-08 02:29 PM