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    ok, so I'm not experienced!

    How do you send a text to someones phone, everytime I try to do it, I come up w/sending an email to their email address?

    Also, what is the "IM" icon for? Do I need to download the software in order to use it?

    I have a blackberry pearl 8100.


    10 million questions to come
    04-10-08 01:36 PM
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    Text message = "Compose SMS Text" from your Messages menu. If by "IM" you mean Blackberry Messaging, then it's kind of like AOL Instant Messenger, only for BB users only. Very fast. Can send pics too. The software should be loaded on your BB already. Just access it and go!

    I should add that you have send an invitation to another BBuser to be added to their BB Messenger, and they have to accept you as a contact, for you to begin exchaning messages.
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    If you have one, read ur manual. That really helps.
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    Took me a while to figure out what this and that are, then I fell in love! My friends whom still use 7290 or 8700 are like, how did you pick that up? I'm like 'common sense' but if I don't get it, I just come to CB for answers! Easy as pie! ;-)

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