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    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Here am I, hunting for a new device and seeking enlightement from wise old men.
    I want a machine with physical qwerty keyboard and possibly 3.5mm jack. So, I gather, devices of interest which are generally available here are 9000, 8310, 8820 or 8900. Here are my concerns:

    9000 seems like a device packing a punch. However, it seems a bit fragile, and I had a feeling (don't stone me!) that it feels a bit too plasticky.

    8900 is approaching quickly, I believe within a week or so it will be available here. Not a lot of positive or negative references on that one though.

    8820 and 8310 are two machines from opposite sides of the camp, so to speak. I don't really care for the camera of 8310, I like the wifi of 8820 but I am not too sure about the 8820 keyboard, it felt little cramped. Also, both of those seem to be a bit "legacy" now and I fear that soon the accessories and software available for those will be discontinued. However, I liked how both of them felt in my hand, and the 8310 keyboard is the closest experience to my current buddy 7290. Also, both of those felt solid enough to have them, say, in the inside pocket of a suit jacket without any case for one hour, a thought that I felt was completely out of question with respect to the Bold.

    Price is not really an issue. My operator sports 3G, but not EDGE. Having 3G capability would therefore be an advantage, but not requirement (Do I assume correctly that using 3G on the blackberry alone doesn't make whole lot of difference browsing-wise to EDGE/GPRS?) I want a reasonably powerful machine that's easy to use, wouldn't hiccup when having instant messaging running at the background and browsing the web while listening to music.

    Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

    11-17-08 05:06 AM