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    Hi I'm new to CB and first time BB user. Been using it for 1 week now. I have a BB curve 8330. Now today I was trying to transfer free themes that I got from pinstack.com. I was trying to transfer via USB from my PC. I'm running OS 4.3. So when I would try to transfer via the ADD APPS i would get an error message stating device doesn't have the required program to recognize file. I read about having the plasmiz theme reader installed on ur OS. I check via applications on my BB I'm running core OS 4.3 and when I click on it and scroll down I see the plasmic theme reader with underscores ____ and numbers. Sorry if this has been asked here, but what am I doing wrong? Do I need to download something else? Thanx
    08-27-08 08:34 PM
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    08-28-08 04:17 AM
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    What type of file are you trying to install? do you have a .alx file for the theme?

    Have you made sure that it is compatible with your phone model?
    08-28-08 05:13 AM
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    well i got the themes under the 83XX series BB. now about the .axl file...it has to that type of file in order for my BB to recognize?
    08-28-08 05:34 AM
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    You need to extract the .alx file from the one you downloaded. Either double click it or right click on it and select 'extract here'.

    Hope that helps

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    08-28-08 06:02 AM
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    i finally downloaded one. im new to this so im learning fast. i noticed even if its an alx. file it wont load unless the theme is compatible. most of them werent loading till finally i found one for my specific 8330 model and it worked. now i have a question where is the best place to go and get 8330 compatible themes for my phone. ill eventually start learning how to make my own later, but for now im ok with getting them from the internet. now how come sometimes it loads it and sometimes it doesnt? i tried to load the same theme again and i got that error. whats wrong? file is ALX.... thanx
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    08-28-08 06:51 AM
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    Are you loading via Desktop Manager? Why don't you try downloading the themes OTA (Over The Air), it will be much simpler for you.

    There is a themes/wallpaper forum on CB that has many free themes as well as the CB store for premium themes.

    CB Themes Forum

    CB Theme Store
    08-28-08 08:12 AM
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    thanx i figured it out better now.
    08-28-08 10:51 AM