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    so sorry for the duplicate post.

    I posted a message on August 21st, when the same thing happened to me.
    I've had my Pearl since the end of July and on 8/21 and today (9/6) i've had my messages (email and sms) erased as well as any non-recurring appointments (in the past) erased. The appointments occuring in the past get erased, everything in the future is fine. What i'm wondering is if the blackberry erases messages and past appointments to save space? i've got a memory card that all my media goes to, so i shouldn't be short of space. is there a setting that causes this, or could it be a problem with my phone or service? i want my past appointments and messages to remain on my phone for reference. I looked through the setting and noticed a compression setting in the security heading that was set to "enabled." could this be causing it?
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