1. Sunshyn's Avatar
    After a month of researching a phone, I finally got my 8310 Curve in today!!! It's gorgeous!

    Unfortunately, after spending several hours trying to get the email setup and being on the phone with AT&T, I'm about ready to pull out my hair. I did get a new gmail and blackberry account set up but the important ones aren't working. My established cox.net address is not going through. The AT&T representative got cut off after trying for quite a long time to get that email to work, and now it's after hours. He had tried to send me over to the branch which deals with blackberries more often, but they weren't available.

    The thing I'm most concerned about is the fact my own (POP) domain name email is coming up with the same error, and being able to check emails from my domain is a big reason I could afford to get a phone.

    The error is "an error occurred during email account validation. Please check your information and try again". I've tried every server/IP address combination I could think to try under "Email server", yet it's still coming up with that error. Someone please help.
    01-25-08 09:22 PM
  2. luv2cook's Avatar
    I feel your pain. I had to pay FULL price for another Curve today. Since we were using the same SIM card and I already had an account, I never thought to ask if my email would work!

    The setup book tells me to select personal email, but that's not an option on my phone. There was also no instructions.

    The guy registered it on his end, took the battery out and we were done. it's set. Sorry you are having problems. Mine is personal email, not business, tho...
    01-26-08 04:23 PM
  3. Sunshyn's Avatar
    Well, mine isn't BES or anything. Figure it as a personal domain name email account more than what goes for business email around here.

    Did you try to set your email up by going to
    BlackBerry Internet Service on your regular computer?
    01-26-08 06:23 PM