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    i got my curve from ebay. it had the lady's info on it still i did a restore thing. all i have for email options is business. how do i get personal back? i use msn and i just go to the website i hate it. i loved my blackjack because i got it right to my phone. what can i do?

    messenger. my messenger does not work! i have posted manyy threads on this and people say delete the person and add them again. can people try to add me? why wont it work? ill try the re adding but its a pain!
    04-03-08 03:49 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    Do you have a BB data plan?
    04-03-08 04:03 PM
  3. xlovetheBERRYx's Avatar
    Do you have a BB data plan?
    i think so? yes i get on the net for free and stuff.
    04-03-08 04:08 PM
  4. sunkast's Avatar
    Have you registered the phone yet? Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table > Press menu > register now.
    04-03-08 04:18 PM
  5. xlovetheBERRYx's Avatar
    omgg woahh what does that do? ive had the phone for like 6 months lol andd i still dont know very much. thank you! thats the most help ive gotten.how long does it take to register? it said the letter was sent. what next?
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    04-04-08 02:12 PM
  6. sunkast's Avatar
    Do a battery pull and see if it works...
    04-04-08 02:23 PM
  7. xlovetheBERRYx's Avatar
    ok thanks so much! i also read that you have to sign up with your carrier like pin well the lady i got it from "forgot" or didnt have it. do you think i can call and explain it to them? is it that important?

    how come when restored it i cant do a personal email address anymore? will registering help?
    04-04-08 02:28 PM
  8. sunkast's Avatar
    Definitely give your carrier a call. And if you can, contact the person you got the phone from regarding the problem.
    04-04-08 02:43 PM