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    I got my BB Curve today and have been messing with it for a while.

    Im trying to figure out if there is a way to separate email notifications from SMS notifications. When i receive an email i get a notification icon obviosly but i get a "new message indication" in my email app and my messages app.

    Is there anyway to separate them out so emails go into the "email" app only and sms and mms go into the "message" app,

    Im sure this will be my first of about 10000 questions.

    08-29-08 12:45 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    Try this: Go to your messages folder, press menu and choose options. Select general options, change the SMS and Email Inboxes setting to Separate. Be sure to save the setting.
    08-29-08 12:48 PM
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    Sunkast is right on... exactly what I was gonna say. Took the words right outta my mouth!

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    08-29-08 12:50 PM
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    Hello and welcome!

    Read the "Newbies" tab near the top of the site. Lots of great info for ya! Many of your questions will be answered there.
    08-29-08 12:50 PM
  5. Chubbs's Avatar
    Thanks, hopefully that'll do it!
    08-29-08 12:51 PM
  6. Chubbs's Avatar
    Ill read the newbies tab ASAP. Wont post another question till im done with it.

    Thanks again!
    08-29-08 12:51 PM
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    Welcome to CB Chubbs

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    08-29-08 01:02 PM
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    Welcome to the first day of the rest of your addiction glad to have you aboard
    08-29-08 02:38 PM