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    Hey All,

    It still say that I am a newbie even though I been here for a little while, I need help with my email on my storm, let me explain what is going on, I received my Storm last Tuesday and I must say I love it, I used to have the 8830we I activated my account and everything was great until today at around noon I received a email telling me to validate my email address(work email address) I logged in and put in my password it came back and said it was the wrong password, well I am driving so I thought OK i am typing wrong I will wait until I get home. I get home and I try and validate the email account and it comes up and says wrong password, I then logged into my email from my laptop just to make sure I was not stupid and I was able to log in, I tried and tried but still would not work, I then called Verizon to have them help me and they tell me I need to call my support people at work, I must tell you that I have 2 blackberry's one for work that is connected to the BES and one for my personal use which is connected to the BIS I have had this for over 4 years I hate the Job's Blackberry its a 8703 and really can't do much with it, getting back to my problem I talked to my company and it seems that they do not support personal blackberry's but they sent me the email on what to do, I have typed in all the information and it will not work I keep getting a error stating the email address is wrong, its kind of funny because I set my original blackberry up with no problem at all I really could use some help with this I personally think something was change on the server by my Job please help me!!!!!!!!
    12-03-08 05:53 PM