1. crimeguy7's Avatar
    I decided to post here hoping it would get looked at. I recently purchased a BB Curve 8330. I had one B4 and used it for my work and home email. I put my home email back on the new curve but the work email does not want to co-operate?? Any suggestetions? The tech at VErizone was clueless, he wanted to give me a new one? Told him this is brand new(yesterday!) Help
    10-09-08 02:47 PM
  2. exelant's Avatar
    Don't you need your work to connect your Curve to their BES before it can receive those emails? I'm not on a BES, but if I wanted work email, I had to let them configure it to receive their mail -- and I did not want their IT policy on my device so I decided to forgo work email on my personal device.

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    10-09-08 02:58 PM
  3. berry me with it's Avatar
    Hard to say without more info, but if your work email is under a VPN then someone from your IT department needs to set up your BB on their BES.
    10-09-08 03:29 PM