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    Anyone know of any ebook reader for BB that can read .lit files?

    I have a whole bunch of ebooks that i can't seem to get onto my bb.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    - Ant
    09-04-08 07:52 PM
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    AFAIK, there's only MS Reader, and I haven't found a BB version of it yet. I had the same problem with my mac though, tons of ebooks in .lit format, and no reader for it.
    09-05-08 12:50 PM
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    Is there no program to convert ebook formats? That's the only solution I can think of for enabling to read your collection of ebooks

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    09-05-08 12:54 PM
  4. thenikkivicious's Avatar
    I've heard of people converting them to .pdf... but when you're talking about 700+ pages in a book, in pdf format... that takes quite a while. I've personally never done it, so I don't know how well it works, but I do know that there are guides on google that tell you how to do it.
    09-05-08 01:47 PM
  5. Mainiak Blaniak's Avatar
    Just a thought here...I'm not aware of any .Lit readers for blackberry, but I believe there are numerous pieces of conversion software to get .Lit format books into .txt format. From there you could convert to Mobipocket format and use that free reader on the blackberry.

    I haven't tried this solution myself, as the few ebooks that I have are in .txt format...they DO convert nicely to mobipocket format with their ebook creator software.

    Not sure if adding another format conversion might lead to some corruption...I'm fairly willing to overlook format conversion 'typos' in mine. Don't know how long the process would take, either...

    Hope that helps..

    09-06-08 08:09 AM
  6. jdubau55's Avatar
    Well....I used Free download ABC Amber LIT Convertor, convert MS Reader to PDF, HTML, CHM, HLP, RTF, DOC, TXT documents to convert from .lit to .txt I then used Mobipocket to convert it. It seems it converted it to HTML. I can go right into my SD card and select the HTML file to view it. Granted I dont think I can bookmark it this way but...What format does Mobipocket need the ebook to be in to view it? I am kinda new to the software. I put the HTML test file on my SD card but I can't seem to get Mobipocket to see that file. I can open it, but its more of a web page and I cant bookmark where I last left off.
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    09-14-08 09:00 PM
  7. Jayisgames's Avatar
    Well I know that Mobipocket Reader for Blackberry only uses .htm files and .prc files, but the Mobipocket Creator for Windows can convert .pdf's and .txt's into .prc's. Pity it doesn't convert .lit, then my huge collection of e-books would be portable!

    Personally, I use the ABC Amber converter to convert .lits to .htm's, then I convert them into .prc's using mobipocket creator.
    11-18-08 04:09 PM
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    My copy of ABC Amber Converter will convert .lit's directly to .pdb's that can then be read on my BB with Mobipocket Reader. No need to convert to .html then to .prc/.pdb. Hope this helps.
    01-28-09 02:03 PM
  9. viper157's Avatar
    My copy of ABC Amber Converter will convert .lit's directly to .pdb's that can then be read on my BB with Mobipocket Reader. No need to convert to .html then to .prc/.pdb. Hope this helps.

    -edit didn't read the program all the way ABC version 2.02 does the PDB conversion-

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    03-03-09 03:22 PM