1. adperdue2002's Avatar
    While perusing various auctions on Ebay I noticed a disturbing trend. Many, but by no means all or most, sellers of blackberry hand sets are adding incorrect information to the features description. I have found dozens of 7100 and 8700 series handsets listed as having GPS.
    Most of us addicts wont care, since we know the specs of most of RIMs devices, but new users looking for certian feature will be dissapointed when the device shows up without internal GPS, Wi-fi, or MP3 ringtone support.
    This may be an underhanded tactic to get their auction to show up in more searches, or just an oversight or mistake on the sellers part, but the damage to buyers would be the same.
    I have begun sending questions to sellers with erroneous info in theire auctions stating the errors, and I hope they correct their listings.
    Please pass on this information and feel free to sticky, repost, quote, copy and paste, or move to a more appropriate forum if applicable.
    06-13-09 12:43 PM