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    I just purchased by BB Curve, Red, two days ago. I didn't even know what BIS was until I started reading these boards.

    I've been getting duplicate gmail messages, copies of the emails I'm sending are showing up in my inbox. I found a thread on here saying that you go to the BIS website and edit email adding a filter...but I can't access my BIS website from my computer. If I have an existing account I don't know what the login info is, if I don't, it won't let me set a new one up. It tells me I can't access the html site from my computer and that I should access from my phone. My phone lets me get to the site but it looks really different from the screen shots that I've seen posted on this site. Also, it doesn't give me any options to edit or add filters.

    I'm totally daunted and confused.
    11-27-07 03:26 PM
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    11-27-07 03:48 PM
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    Thank you for the response, the problem is when I go to the website I can't login because when I enter my pin and my IMEI, it gives me an error message "Your account is not accessable via HTML. Please access from your handheld device"
    11-27-07 04:07 PM
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    Call AT&T ask to speak to CDS and ask them to create you a username and password in the BIS, or you can disable the auto login yourself from your device, this was indicated in the article as well, but if you look here..it will show you how to do it.

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    11-27-07 04:27 PM
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    what it is ...is that on gmail when you respond to a group or email it sends you what you wrote what you need to do is change the settings on your gmail account
    11-27-07 04:33 PM