1. RadioMonkey's Avatar
    Hello...I've got a small problem that I cannot seem to correct. My address book has two versions of each contact. One has pretty much just name and number while the other has all of the more detailed info. I want to get rid of all the duplicates. I went into Outlook and deleted the duplicates because they were showing up there too. Then, I tried overwriting from Outlook to the device but no dice.
    09-08-07 04:51 PM
  2. haus4's Avatar
    Are you seeing your address book from your sum card too?
    09-08-07 06:45 PM
  3. RadioMonkey's Avatar
    I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean the SIM card? If so, how do I check that? Thanks.
    09-09-07 05:55 AM