1. gimenez's Avatar
    Hi guys I was reading about my problem and I got about 4 x's on my battery. Some say this means its bad others say its not. My phone is acting all weird. Everytime I do something that requires high phone demand, the phone dies out. It only gives me about 5 mins of talk time and the internet also acts up. Is it the battery I have to replace or everything?
    07-11-08 07:32 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    Red Xs are fine. If the entire sticker was red, that would be bad.
    07-11-08 07:33 PM
  3. gimenez's Avatar
    This is what it looks like

    07-11-08 07:40 PM
  4. CrackBlack's Avatar
    Explain what exactly you mean by die out?
    did you get a red flashing LED then your screen goes blank?
    Check your Memory ... Menu > option > status. How much File Free do you have?

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    07-11-08 07:52 PM
  5. jidx's Avatar
    You may need to replace your battery
    07-11-08 08:00 PM
  6. Crucial_Xtreme's Avatar
    I would replace is for GP(General Principle). Theres no reason to sell your BB short or half-step. Welcome to CB.
    07-11-08 08:36 PM
  7. renegade37918's Avatar
    and stop calling your berry a phone ty jk but not really jk
    07-11-08 10:14 PM
  8. mofomikemunoz's Avatar
    Does the Berry do the same thing when it is on a charger and you use it? If not = battery........if it does = exorcism.......

    Good Luck
    07-11-08 11:33 PM
  9. gimenez's Avatar
    It doesn't do it when its on the charger. When I am in a call it just simply dies out, without any warning. It just dies . Sometimes when I am turning it on the lights seem like they have low voltage or something.
    07-13-08 08:37 PM
  10. Duvi's Avatar
    Welcome to your new addiction!
    07-14-08 03:08 AM