1. kazuma5401's Avatar
    while browsing the fantastic BB 101 and learnin a bunch I thought I'd tack a break and check out the ringtones and maybe snag one or three, but ran accros a proble. Well two. First the download and save worked great, even previewed it. And sounded great. But later on all three downloads have vanisheed.... Did a shut down and pulled the battery just in case maybe I over worked my curve an maybe needed a break.

    Still nothin no siggn at all.

    Then I got a phone call. My wife was bustin my, well you know, for playin with my phone, I mean she's in the other room, lol just messin with me. I answere to the sound of silence. She could hear anything I said. But I couldn't. It was a dead line. Again I shut down. Pulled the batterie. Waited a second. Restarted and all was well. But it started again an hour later. Oh yeah.

    And my ringtones are still MIAM

    Any idea what I should do?
    09-11-08 01:18 AM
  2. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Quick question: did you save the tones to memory?
    09-11-08 02:02 PM
  3. kazuma5401's Avatar
    yup. when i saved them i put them in blackberry ringtones. device or somethin. right now i only have a 1 gig sd card. gonna go get hooked up with an sdhc here soon. whats a decent size to move up to that i wont be over doin it and i wont be pressed to upgrade again for 8330 curve?

    i checked the availible space on my card under options and it appears theres plenty of room. so i wouldnt think its deleting the files auto. and if it was wouldnt it delete the old first? i think i checked in like 5 tones last night and sure enough this mornin i only have 2 left.

    another weird thing is that i got to work and started surfin and all the sudden the phone is havin a hard time loading the pages stating that there was a server error or the page is too big. this is happenin at random so its not the site its the BB.

    so during that, i checked my ring tones again and there gone all the sudden. everything, my songs and the ring tones i put in the other day that i transferred from my mac. yet when i put the usb cord on and check the files there there again..... well some of them. the songs i loaded are still there but the ring tones that vanished are still gone. but everything else remains.

    kinda makin me nuts. sorry for the long rant but any and all info would be great. i love his device but its starting to shake my confidence a little.
    09-11-08 04:10 PM