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    Hello. I appreciate anyone who can help out a total BlackBerry novice. I have used the Treo (Palm version) from the 300, 600, 650, 700, 755. I am a pro at doing things with few clicks on that and need help converting. I am a business and social power user and have some questions. Any help is appreciated...

    1) Main screen. I have the theme loaded with 4 programs and a few previews of messages and calendar items. Can I customize a theme screen to change the programs, add more or add the number of items in the preview? Background images, etc..?

    2) E-mail and text messages. I notice it throws them all in one bucket. But I get hundreds of e-mails and seem to have the ext messages mixed in and hard to find. Can I have a single button that will filter the e-mail down to just SMS? I see counts for the e-mail, text, Facebook, etc.. and I want to click a single button to open just those for either e-mail, text or fb. Separating them doesn't work because I have literally hundreds of e-mails a day.

    3) Advanced e-mail. I don't want to see messages read. But please don't ask me to manually move them to folders. I get hundreds per day and deal with most on my laptop. I want them to automatically disappear from the blackberry main mail window when they are read. Can I simply filter the mail by Unopened only? With an option to see all messages if needed?

    4) Advanced e-mail 2. On my outlook on the laptop, I filter messages after they arrive. It seems that there is a long lag between the time I filter them on outlook at when the blackberry takes them out of the inbox on the phone. Can I speed up that delay? Mainly, this is a client side spam filter that catches 90% of the mail and moves it to trash... they are not in my inbox on the outlook, but seem to hang around in the inbox of the blackberry for a long time.

    5) Phone Book. On the palm, I used to just type in someone's initials and it would find their contact. How do you do that on BlackBerry? I have 15 Rob's in my book for example and just want to type in RC to find him and not have to scroll or type in last names.

    I am sure I will have more, but for now, these are the key items that are making my honeymoon with the blackberry a little less sweet!


    08-15-08 11:25 AM
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    1) Depending on your theme, you can move the icons. Highlight the icon, then press menu>move.

    2)While in messages-Menu>Options>General Options-scroll down to Email/sms-change to separate.

    3)BlackBerry 101 - Beginners Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts | CrackBerry.com


    5) The same works with BB.
    08-15-08 11:31 AM