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    I resigned my Verizion contract and upgrades to the blackberry pearl 8130. I paid for the unlimited data plan.
    I am a student and have no exchange server.
    On my desktop my Outlook is setup to recieve e-mails from my college's IMAP server, as well as my GMAIL Imap account.

    I was able to configure the BB to get a copy of the messages using the BlackBerry Web Client. This setup is terrible, in that I can not see the old messages that I have on my IMAP servers, only new msgs. I also have to delete messages in two places, I can not see messages I sent from each other, etc, etc...

    I want a better e-mail solution without having exchange. I installed the Blackberry Desktop Redirector, but the status indicator on it is just saying "Verifying Forwarding Address". And I am getting a bunch of e-mail in my inbox with .DAT extensions. I also see these e-mails on my blackberry being fowarded to me because of previously having configured the Blackberry Web Client. Which is making even more e-mails i have to delete in two places.

    Any help would be appreciated. (I keep my desktop online, 24/7.)

    02-19-08 05:55 PM
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    03-12-08 03:58 PM