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    hi... I need help. I have had my blackberry 8330 since tuesday --thru sprint. I have Windows XP on my laptop and use sprint wireless broadband-only mention that because it is in one of my usb ports.

    I tried the version of the desktop manager that came with the phone. 4.2? that did not work at all... kept crashing.. just disappears. then I installed 4.7 and it worked a few times and started disappearing/crashing again like the first one. I uninstalled it 3 times and reinstalled it and still the same problem. then I uninstalled it again and installed 4.5... still disappearing. I've searched for help on these and other forums but haven't found anything that works. I checked my pst file for errors and repaired them.

    when I click on synchronize and go to configure the synchronization, it disappears. this is getting old!!

    12-07-08 07:25 PM