1. eye_jay's Avatar
    I have an 8330 Curve (Sprint) so I use Desktop Manager to sync with Outlook. For whatever reason, DM randomly closes completely when synchronizing. On average, it takes about 4-5 attempts until sync fully completes. Does this happen to anyone else? I'm running XP Pro SP3... well actually SP3 was recently (automatically) downloaded and installed. This was also occurring with SP2.
    11-13-08 11:36 PM
  2. greg24's Avatar
    have you tried restarting your computer and doing a battery pull?
    11-14-08 12:06 AM
  3. eye_jay's Avatar
    I haven't tried an immediate restart immediately following the "issue" but I guess I can try that and the battery pull when it happens again. I'll be sure to update. Thanks!
    11-14-08 02:20 AM