1. irma's Avatar
    Hi all....can anyone tell me what exactly the desktop manager is for and when do I need to update it? many thanks...
    08-29-08 10:19 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    Syncing your BB with your PC, backing up and restoring your BB, performing OS upgrades, and more.
    08-29-08 10:26 PM
  3. snazzar's Avatar
    Desktop manager does many things! Most importantly, it saves your **** if you lose your device, drop it in the toilet, or leave it on the roof of your car. You can back up all of your data in a blackberry-only friendly file, or you can synchronize with outlook or outlook express. further, you can use it to put media on your handset in a format that can actually be read by the 'berry! It's a smidge awkward and counter-intuitive, but it works, and it works well. Hit me up if you have problems with DTM, I'm something of a desktop manager whisperer.
    08-29-08 10:29 PM
  4. Reed's Avatar
    Desktop Manager connects your computer and Blackberry.

    First, Backup. If you ever have a device failure, this will save you.

    Second, Sync. If you use both a computer and a BlackBerry, you need sync.

    Third, Applications Loader. This give you total control of your current device OS and future updates.

    Fourth, Switch device wizard. If you need to replace or upgrade your device, this is the tool for the job.

    Fifth, Media Manager. You can use Windows for a lot of things, but only MM sees both device and media card memory. Media conversions will matter to a lot of us.

    DTM is "must have" software.

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    08-29-08 10:32 PM
  5. irma's Avatar
    many thanks to all....thanks for the invite for help snazzar, I may take you up on that some day (especially before I start pulling my hair out!
    08-29-08 10:44 PM