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    I'm new to Blackberry's and have done some reading and googling and havent quite found the exact answers I'm looking for.

    I am with OrangeUK and here is an extract from my last bill:

    here's how much you spent . . .
    Your Service Plans (VAT applicable)
    Dolphin 30 Websave -5.00 18mth : 15 Oct - 14 Nov 21.28
    2Mth Free Eve & Wkd Browsing : 15 Oct - 21 Oct 0.00
    BlackBerry Internet Offer : 15 Oct - 14 Nov 2.13
    OW daily capped usage : 15 Oct - 14 Nov 0.00
    Unlimited Anytime Text : 15 Oct - 14 Nov 0.00
    Call charges (VAT applicable)
    Amount this month - see itemisation for details 7.72
    Data charges 0.13
    Total exc. VAT 31.26
    VAT 5.470

    . . . and here's how you did it
    Talk Summary
    Duration of inclusive calls 52:34
    Total duration of calls 52:34
    Text Summary
    Inclusive texts used 554
    Non-inclusive texts used 7
    Total texts 561
    Data Summary
    Inclusive megabytes used 0.0991
    Non-inclusive megabytes used 3.5167
    Total megabytes 3.6158

    service plan summary
    Dolphin 30 Websave -5.00 18mth : 400 Cross net minutes
    Minutes available at beginning of period 400:00
    Inclusive minutes used 52:34
    Service Plan minutes next period 400:00
    Minutes available next period 400:00
    2Mth Free Eve & Wkd Browsing : Free Unlimited Off Peak GPRS usage
    Inclusive megabytes used 0.1175
    OW daily capped usage : OW Daily Cap
    Inclusive Data usage used 0.126
    Unlimited Anytime Text : Unlimited Anytime Text
    Inclusive text messages used 554

    Page 2 of 19
    15 Oct 2008
    data charges
    Originating network Place called Call class Megabytes Cost
    Orange Orange WAP Data 0.2166 0.126
    Orange Business LAN access Data 3.3992 0.000
    Total exc. VAT 0.13
    # A hash indicates that an item is non-VAT applicable Total non-VAT 0.00

    Its a bit hard to work out from my copy/paste, but I have been charged (albeit very little) for data, which appears to be WAP data.

    Now, it is my understanding that all data I access via the device should be free (included in my 250MB fair useage limit) but apparently it is not?

    Also, I note that they specify inclusive and non-inclusive data useage and charges, where I have used more non-inclusive, but why is it deemed non-inclusive?

    My main concern is that when the free 2 month off-peak data useage bundle ends (which I had to tell them to cancel BTW) I will then be charged for more data.

    Can someone please give me the definitive answer to Orange's charges and possibly a reason for my WAP data charge?

    I use a Curve, running BB Browser, occasional connection using Orange World (WAP from what I understand), Opera Mini (recent addition), Facebook and Microsoft Live Messenger (infrequently and do not stay logged in due to worries over data useage)

    Whilst at home I connect to my wifi, so am I correct in thinking that anything data-wise to/from the device is completely free whilst connected in this way?

    I know UMA is the mobile connection, but are calls placed whilst connected in this way deducted from my monthly minutes?

    Sorry for the long post and various questions, I just cannot find the answers elsewhere, and Orange's supplied information pack is very limited to say the least
    10-19-08 06:52 AM
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    Hi there, I work for Orange and might be able to help.

    If you send an email with your contact details to customer.services@orange.co.uk with the subject of "Jonathan Orange Response" I will give you a call to discuss.

    Kind regards,

    Orange Response
    10-20-08 10:38 AM