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    I got a BB Bold on Orange network this week together with an Orange data service. The problem i have is that the browser on my Bold only has the option for Hotspot Browsing and won't let me change it to use the Orange service (to use 3G, GPRS) - which i guess I need to do?
    Orange tell me my data service if fine their end and its the device settings and that I can download the correct settings from BB site but I've failed to find this??
    Surely this is a data activation problem with Orange since its a new account?
    Any help would be really appreciated. Darren.
    08-30-08 03:45 AM
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    I do not have the Bold, so I am really just guessing to some point here, but have you tried configuring the browser settings? Orange should be listed as an option as the 3G is ready out of the box. The pictures are just to show the settings screen.

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    08-30-08 07:43 AM
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    Many thanks for the response. What you mention below is the heart of my problem in that my browser (exactly as in your screen shots) only has Hotspot Browser as the only option. I'm able to highlight it but when I select options.....well there aren't any. The more I think of it I guess its down to Orange and I've wrapped the whole problem up in an E-mail to them and will certainly post back their comments here. Perhaps I need to do the old take the battery out, wait 30 seconds whilst standing on one foot thing in order for it to pick up their service, but as you quite rightly say it should be configured out of the box. I can see data entries across the settings for the Orange service and data service is set to on.....confused now.
    08-31-08 05:40 AM
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    Problem has been resolved and just posting here in case anyone experiences the same. Not a config problem on the BB Bold but Orange not configuring my account properly with regard to the IMEI and SIM. Apparently it hadn't been assigned properly. Sorted in the end by Orange Data Services Dept.
    09-05-08 05:49 PM